A Countertop Store That Only Offers Quality Choices


You’ve got your place, so now it’s time to spice it up!  Classy furniture makes a classy place.  A famous period in time where the pieces that embellished almost every place followed our style was the Baroque period.  During this period, style focused on drama and grandeur. That fits perfectly the definition of classy. Our countertop store only offers you classy choices that mimic that high-class period.

Professional Art

Our fine pieces are made out of high-quality material with state-of-the-art tools that are under the control of much-experienced hands. The marble or granite units you get from our countertop store are crafted to passionate, well-attended quality, detail by detail.  You will really feel the class of the period from our products that seem authentically from it. Put our pieces in your kitchen or bathroom where they would fit perfectly in these places you spend shared or personal time in comfort in. You get to appreciate for yourself the touch of class they add before you even realize it as you go about your daily life in the home you’ve always known.

Variety Of Service

We offer you kitchen countertops, custom high-end countertops, luxury countertops, granite countertops, marble countertops, exotic countertops and baroque countertop installation.  Even with the great variety of what we offer, you can still be assured that each one in it is of only our standard of quality.

Your Assurance

Our customers have not only testified that they are fully satisfied by what we have offered, they also keep coming back for more!  You can be one of them, and it will be a choice you will be grateful you took!

A small touch of class can go a long way in your home. And to think you can get that classy touch for an affordable price! Get yourself a piece that will always find its place in your home that we offer at competitive rates! We are available from Monday through Friday at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Give us, Baroque Countertops of Austin, TX, a call at (512) 538-8838.