Why a Professional Custom Countertop Installation Contractor Always Recommends Sealers


A homeowner or custom countertops installation contractor that installs granite within kitchens, bathrooms or bars, often do this because of the beauty and durability this stone provides. However, in order to maintain its integrity and appearance, stone countertop sealer must be applied before usage. This will ensure the granite is protected against discoloration, oil, and water damage. Solutions are available from retailers and come in the form of either wax or liquids, and will also give granite a more glossy shine.

Granite is created by pressure from natural deposits. Granite is a stone is made up using millions upon millions of crystals. The color of every piece of granite will greatly depend on the geological history of an area, which produces the stone. Unlike countertops which are made using synthetic materials, granite is extremely porous and has layers of open cells which absorb liquids. Quarries within different regions will produce granite varieties that come with different kinds of porosity.

Plus, cutting granite will also create minor cracks within the slab, in addition to its surface. These cracks are not visible to the eye, nor will they detract from the stone’s beauty. However, once it is installed, these cracks acts as entry sites for any stains, dirt or spills, which will eventually end up damaging the stone.

Also, one needs to choose which kind of granite custom countertops sealant to use when looking to protect the stone. Traditionally, water-based formulas are applied to the granite surface. This will form a protective barrier against oil and water. A penetrating sealer will sink deep within the crystal layers, to create an internal barrier which will protect the integrity of the stone. Manufacturers that produce these use various chemicals which have oil and water resistant properties.

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