What Is the Process of Luxury Countertops Installation?


The majority of the homeowners prefer to install marble or granite kitchen countertops due to their extraordinary beauty and lifetime longevity. If executed by an experienced, loyal, and skilled marble contractor, the luxury countertops installation process doesn’t have to be a daunting job. Look at these all important steps:

  • Step #1. At the very beginning, taking all the measurements correctly and accurately will determine the outcome of your project. A good specialist will measure carefully the length and the width of your kitchen countertop. He will also determine the thickness needed for the marble or granite slabs.

  • Step #2. You have to choose the right color for your countertop. A reliable contractor will offer you many beautiful options. Additionally, you can do some Internet research yourself about the different hues, designs, and styles. It is a good idea to choose a color that matches with the overall design of your kitchen. For example, if your room is painted in traditional white, consider installing a white marble with interesting tiny black curves.

  • Step #3. This phase is related to removing your old kitchen countertop. A diligent expert will do his best to remove the old countertop in a safe and clean manner with minimal damage.

  • Step #4. The contractor you have hired should already have all the marble or granite slabs made from the measurements taken from an earlier visit. Using well-maintained tools and equipment, he will carefully install them one by one making sure they fit perfectly.

  • Step #5. After he ensures the ideal matching of all the material pieces, he will apply a high-quality glue to embed them to your countertop. Using silicone glue is of the utmost importance because of its good adhesive qualities.

  • Step #6. A great marble contractor will give you tips about the required drying time. Again, he will check if your countertop is perfectly flat and smooth. He will remove all the dust and clean them, leaving them shiny and sparkly clean. You can also expect tips for further upkeep and maintenance.

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